Monday, June 28, 2010

Hotel Shoot = Swanky Boudoir

I had the pleasure of shooting with 4 incredible girls and one fantastic makeup artist, at a beautiful hotel in midtown Atlanta this weekend. We shot for about 6 hours and I really could have kept shooting until after dark. We were having a blast! Gorgeous girls, great personalities....lots of laughter and fun!! It was super hard to narrow down my absolute favorites because almost all count as favorites.  Makeup was done by the fantastic Shadow Slinger/ Trisha Stowell.

Ashley Shafer

Skip Bowman

Kristin Aschermann

Mandolynne Hopkins

 Bubble Bath silliness!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010


This is coming up on August 15th, a Sunday. I will be working with the incredible Cherry Dame, coming all the way from Alabama, to do this One Day Pinup Bash.  I will be taking limited reservations for this as she plans to start doing hair around 10 am and I will start shooting as soon as she is done with the first girl. We will work until at least 6 or 7pm. Each girl gets 1 look by Cherry Dame and I will shoot them wearing 2 different outfits with everyone taking turns in different areas. The home is a gorgeous home not far off I-75 in Macon and is going to be an superb location!

  • Limited Spaces Available!!
  • One Day Event for models or pinups.
  • The most awesome Cherry Dame will be there to do Hair and Makeup - one look per girl.
  • *$250....$50 to reserve your spot
  • $150 if you will be doing your own hair/makeup.
  • Approximately 20-30 minutes per girl per "set" with a total of 2 sets per girl. A set is one outfit/in one area. I may do more if time allows. Please bring period clothing. This will be a 40's style setup but any type pinup look should be incredible in this wonderful home.
  • Approx 20 processed shots per girl at the least, but those that know me know that I deliver much more. I will post all the 'best of' in a gallery for each girl to see and save.
  • I'm adding a note that I'm now on the Retro Lovely pinup syndicate list and will be planning to submit images for Retro Lovely from this shoot. I will have a spot in Issue #3 or Issue #4 (depending on deadlines) of Retro Lovely. Definitely one and will be submitting for the other also. I can't guarantee who or how many, that's up to the editor, just that there will be submissions.

On June 22 I went over to do a little test session and the results were...SUCCESS!!! Wow I sooo am even more looking forward to shooting on August 15th for the Pinup Bash. I went with Ashley and her friend Kelley Dixson (who's never modeled before) and we spent about 45 minutes playing, just to be sure I could get the look I wanted. Oh yeh baby!!

Just a few to enjoy in just 2 little areas of the house.

Ashley wearing "Karen", one of the homeowner's fantastic Aprons from an inspiring collection she has.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Lemongrass Cocktails for a Cause

I thought yesterday was hot but it was nothing compared to today. When I went to lunch, the thermometer in the car read 111....yes 111!!! I think my brain melted a little waiting on the car to cool down somewhat. In any case- I was invited to come shoot at Lemongrass tonight for this:

MACON CELEBRITY DRINK LIST TO LAUNCH AT LEMONGRASS...A THAI BISTRO COCKTAIL PARTY TODAY AT 6PM! Lemongrass...a thai bistro in Downtown Macon has developed its very own Kharma List...and no, our name isn’t Earl, but we like to have kharma on our side as well!

It was SO very nice! Once again, I didn't get to eat or drink anything but I just try to make it a practice to not eat while "on the job".... for one thing, I'm a very messy eater! And another, it seems very unprofessional. I probably should have stuck something in my pocket though for later (yuck LOL). There were a few people there to present their drinks and the associations they were helping to raise money for. I tried to get shots of most everything and I had a lot but I am just going to post some of my favs here for tonight.

Priscilla Esser- her drink is the Satin Doll

Terrell Sandefur

Terrell's drink is the Fabulous Bastard

Pilar- her drink is Pilar's Pomegranite Passion

Pilar's drink

Mark Ballard- his drink is Mark's Green Tini

Craig Hamilton with his drink The Archimedes, Priscilla Esser & Terrell Sandefur

The amazing food served

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

John & Katie's E-Session

I had a wonderful fun meet with Katie & John who are getting married in October. I am enjoying getting to know them and had fun wading through deep grass and wandering back and forth down a long cool driveway hunting for places to stop for shots. Here are some of my favs from the evening.