Tuesday, January 11, 2011

First Flowers of 2011

I will start off with some beautiful flower that are in a gorgeous bouquet someone was sent here at work. I love photographing them although these are rather quickies, they were still beautiful.

Also, I am adding some different logos trying out some more simple looks. I really want a new logo but don't even know how to explain what I want. It is most difficult to get a cool logo that starts with an "R" because it's so oddly shaped! I HATE putting logos on my photos because it is so cluttery. Hopefully just putting my web addy will make that much more simple and less obtrusive. I have an issue with people putting logos all over everything when it's not even really necessary unless there is publishing going on.

Calloway Garden Butterflies

I can't believe I totally forgot to blog about the gorgeous butterflies I followed around when we went to Calloway Gardens at Christmas! I didn't get tons of photos like I'd hoped, there were just too many kids running rampant and parents not paying attention and it was really affecting the usual abundance of little fluttering beauties. In any case, here are my favs from the day.

and my all time favorite EVER EVER EVER!