Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Sometimes the best laid plans.....

Well, they just don't go right! Yesterday was a prime example. I had planned out how I was going to shoot a home I had booked but once I got there everything went straight out the window. I hurt my foot this weekend and yesterday I was hurting so bad I decided to take 3 Bayer Back & Body....well, instead of just making my foot stop hurting- it made ME stop hurting! I was looped out pretty much all day. By my 5:30 appt I was starting to hurt again but my head was still swimming. Lesson learned "Don't medicate on shoot day!" LOL!

Anyway- here is one from the shoot. I do have another shoot today and hopefully it will go well!

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Bass After Party Photos

Saturday I went to an "After" Party, really it was a "We already got married but since nobody was able to attend because it was out of the country, we want you to celebrate with us" Party... LOL

Anyway- it was absolutely wonderful and I got more moved making the photo show afterwards than when I took the actual pics. Now I'm the only one left to get hitched and well..... I'm waiting!

Without further delay- here are a few of my favorites....

There are plenty more on my Flickr Page - please check them out!

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Day One in my Trigger Happy world

Hello bloggers world! I have decided after much thought that with all the photos I take and all the misc thoughts in my head, I might as well start an actual blog. So here it is. Excited aren't ya?! This first one isn't going to be too amazing although it will have some nice photos I took. Yesterday I had been literally ACHING to get out and shoot and could not wait to get off work. I wanted to use my new Lumiquest Pocket Bouncer on the dogs and see what I could get. I can't yell loud enough about how excited I am about this little folding piece of plastic. I absolutely LOVE it and recommend it highly. These shots were in my front yard with my Boston Terrier, Vinnie and Brussels Griffon, Bishop. I take a lot of photos of these two because they are wonderful attentive models. And yes, I said my dogs are attentive. I think they must have been famous people in their previous lives because they know what to do when they see the camera gear coming at them.

So without further delay- introducing- Vinnie....

And now, the most angelic, Bishop

So this is just about going to wrap it up for the day. I will post as I do things, or if anything exciting happens!