Monday, August 10, 2009

Announcing New Service with Real Estate Photography!

Although I typically only tell people that I deliver around 25 shots per home for the Real Estate Photography, I always take more. Some homes require up to 60 shots due to all the elaborate details and sheer size of the house. MLS only allows around 14-17 shots and only allows 25 shots and all of those are small. Because of this, I have started to make galleries for use for advertising!

Here are the first 4 created. They all start with tinyurl because it makes it much easier to learn and find a website with this very short URL.

Please email for pricing, options and availability!

Friday, August 7, 2009

Kallie & Scott's "Belly" Session

This week I had the absolute pleasure of doing a "Belly Session" for my friend Kallie and her husband. It was a short session that will resume soon but a good start! Kallie has 7 weeks left to go and her little girl will be "Isabella". I look forward to meeting her!!

Thursday, August 6, 2009

New website is LAUNCHED!!

Yes it has finally happened....after 2 years and having 4 different web addresses to go to, I FINALLY picked a site I liked and have spent the past weekend and nights getting it ready. So - at your own leisure- please visit and bookmark and click the first block for now- Enter Website!! Please take time to visit all the pages because quite a few of you have photos throughout the site. I wanted to be sure the most special photos were out there for the world to enjoy. Some of you may not see any of your shots yet, but you will. I still have a lot of special photos to go through!