Sunday, May 31, 2009

Zoo Atlanta & GA Aquarium

Mother/Daughter day in Atlanta!

On Mother's Day Saturday, me and my own wonderful mom, went to Atlanta to spend a day at the zoo & aquarium. It was a wonderful day and we walked until we could walk no more! We saw lots of wonderful animals and although I still prefer the TN Aquarium, I will definitely be going back to the Zoo. Enjoy!

In Memory of my Vinnie

For those of you that knew my darling Vinnie....he passed to the bridge (put to sleep) yesterday after a week long battle with severe nonstop dibilitating epileptic seiizures that left him unable to function normally. He was going to be just 6 in July. He was my constant companion, my muse, the light of my day, my best friend, the sillyness through all badness, my heart, the best there has been to date. He could do every trick in the book and could learn anything withing minutes. He loved everyone and everything and never forgot a place or a person. He was special and he was loved....and I am missing him....

Kids in the Park

I had the pleasure of meeting up with three new kids at Washington Park and they werw SO adorable! From Scottie running full blast back and forth to Emma Grace starting off as GrumpyPants and Hutch with his "No Drama Here" attitude- it was so much fun. Here are some of my favs from the day.


Hutch & Emma Grace
Emma Grace

Less Seen Scene

I love photographing obscure things or what some would call macro. It's tiny things that aren't normally noticed- but things that through my viewfinder- are just amazing! All of these were found in my yard.