About Robin

I am glad you found your way to my site!

I am located in Central Georgia and have a passion for photography. My specialties Pets, Pinups, ; Real Estate and also Commercial although I do a little of everything.  I will travel anywhere for a shoot! My goal as a photographer is to not only MAKE images but also bring emotion to those that view my work. Being a photographer is in my soul and is my full time love. I see scenes and beautiful images everywhere and life is my inspiration. I am always thinking of ways to create that next beautiful shot!

I have been nationally published at this time (June '11) over 40 times in just the past YEAR. I bring a fresh smile, a great attitude, a fun perspective to the table and interact for every part of the shoot. When we work together I believe it is truly a TEAM EFFORT because we can't do it alone. I love getting to know my clients and love making them happy. I shoot for keepers not for quantity and generally just let my creativity flow during the entire process all the way to the editing.

My work is continually growing and I hope to never become stagnant. I love learning and evolving and making each session be special. Every session is important to me and I put my whole self into it from a set or props or backgrounds or just helping direct those I am working with. I love my job because it introduces me to so many different personalities and situations!

I'd love to work with you! Please check out my Session Pricing and Email Me at rocookie@yahoo.com !!

Thank you!
Robin Cook