Monday, June 23, 2008

What do I do? I do it ALL!!

Butterfly head

Recently I've had some people ask me what sort of photography I do besides the Real Estate Photography. The answer is truthfully that I do EVERYTHING! What ever you want, I can do....if I don't know how to do it I will figure out how....I have ideas for doing more than I will ever get to use but I hope to get to more than I currently imagine!

I love constantly looking up new ideas and how others have successfully done them. I am always seeing possible shots in normal every day life and even when I make beautiful shots- I will eventually think they are not as great as before because I will have learned how to do it better.

I can't believe it took this long for me to finally find what I have been meant to do and look forward to how much I will have grown in even just another 6 months.

Many MANY thanks in abundance to my wonderful boyfriend for giving me the stepping stone to get to where I needed to be by not only being in my life- but by getting my first DSLR for Christmas this past year.

Enjoy lots of new photos!

Rhonda my BFF

Debbie w/one main light

My BFF with 1/2 CTO Gel

Red Bellied Woodpecker

6/13 Home Rm1

6/13 Home Rm3

6/12- Dining

6/12- Upper Deck

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Why Use a Professional Real Estate Photographer?

In today's information age, more and more buyers are searching for their next purchase online. The days of people driving around or attending open homes are all but finished. The latest statistics report that 80% to 90% of home buyers begin their real estate search online before ever calling an agent. This means, that by the time the person walks into your office, there is a good chance that they have already chosen the homes they are interested in.

With a large supply of homes currently for sale, a buyer will spend countless hours going through hundreds of online listings searching for homes that catch their attention. This ease of access to information is both a blessing and a curse to the real estate professional. While no one would make the argument that the internet has hampered real estate marketing, it has become increasingly difficult for agents to get their properties noticed.

When a user is browsing listings online, what is the marketing ingredient that will draw them to your listing above all others? Pictures! Buyers love pictures, the more the better. However, while a great picture will set your listing apart from the others, a bad picture will turn away potential buyers.

Sellers are also becoming increasingly demanding as to how their properties are marketed. When listing agents are competing for a home, why not offer the seller more than the standard pictures taken by most agents? Taking the time to hire a professional photographer will make you stand out from the competition. I guarantee that your seller will appreciate your efforts to do more to sell their home.

While most people think that taking pictures of real estate is very easy, it actually requires more equipment, more skill, and more time than other forms of photography. Today's point and shoot digital cameras, while good, will just not do the job of real estate photography.

As an agent, why waste your valuable time traveling to take images of your properties only to have those images do the opposite of what you would hope to accomplish? Pictures are the most important ingredient to any successful real estate marketing campaign, so why not ensure that you are getting the best? To really put your best foot forward, hire a professional and get the images you need today.

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Profits of Doom ROCK!!!

A few weeks ago I did a shoot with a local up-and-coming band called Profits of Doom and it was way more of a blast than I even expected. One of the members, Bob, runs the Grand Opera House in Macon and so we had the whole thing to ourselves. I knew there were more possibilities than we could handle in a nite so I did what I could in a 2 hour time frame. We shot on the stage, in the seats, in the boxes, in the front entrance, in the lobby, up in the gallery, on top of the sound booth and out front out on Mulberry Street. If we hadn't have run late I could have gone on for hours. I definitely look forward to doing a shoot with those guys again. They were SUCH a great bunch!!!

Here are the majority of the photos. ENJOY!

Too Hot to Shoot? NEVER!

It's hot enough right now to walk out and almost burst into flames after only a few minutes here at Lake Sinclair in Middle GA....but that hasn't stopped me from photowalking around the yard and neighboring yard to find some good photo-ops.

Yesterday I decided to spend some time playing with my sigma 70-300, even though it's for sale, and got some really nice shots. I have a new Canon 70-400 f/4 due to arrive in my grubby hands on Tuesday and I'm so excited I could do a flip!