Tuesday, July 20, 2010

July-August Mini Session Special!

Check it out yall!

Bekah- Senior Phortos- Flovilla, GA

What an adventure! And I love a good photo adventure. It was hot as blazes and I brought a new meaning to the word sweat...but it was worth every second. The day was perfect and the place was perfect. We visited 2 places right near each other and I hope to go back to both soon! There are so many undiscovered awesome hiding places and I love that sort of thing. Bekah is an incredible girl- beautiful inside and out and has a very bright future ahead of her. She also has such a great supportive mom, which I know from personal experience, means the world!!

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Macon Food & Culture July hits the streets!

Macon Food & Culture finally hit the streets and I can look at it and say "I did that!" with a lot of the pages! This is what I'd worked on several months ago and have been so anxious to see it all come together and in print. A special trip was made to drop me off some copies and although I didn't cry in front of Gary, the editor, I sure wanted to!! I just held it and thought - WOW...I did that! As I flipped through the magazine, every few pages I saw more of my work and was thrilled with how it all looked. This all started with a chance given to me and all those that participated, well, I can't even begin to explain how thankful I am and how wonderful it's been getting to know these people. I'm not one that takes someone's photos and then disappears. For me it's a whole process....meeting someone....taking their photos....getting to know them better and forming a lasting friendship. Some of the great people involved with this are Gary Schechterle, Ashley Croft, Gabby Rose, Max Walker, Angel Soto, Nichole Mitchell and I know there are others that played a part. I look forward to more of this, with each piece of work getting better and better. Right now as I'm typing, across the room lies Macon Food and Culture and 11th Hour Macon. And it's just the beginning. The more I do, the more I WANT to do! I know there won't always be months like this or stretches of time like this...but this has been my biggest accomplishment to date and I wish my dad was here to see it.

Friday, July 2, 2010

The Most News I've ever had!!

I'm going to just pile all this week's excitement into one big blog. I actually have one more huge announcement but I will post it later today.

1) Proof is in the paper now! I was voted a 2010 BEST OF THE BEST - made 2nd place! note that next to that is Best Realtor & Best Real Estate Company.....Fickling & Company is where my day job is....Billy Hester is one of our agents! One of my specialties is Real Estate Photography and as of this date, 10 homes shot by me this year have SOLD this year with sales of right at 3.2 MILLION! However I do not shoot FOR Fickling.  Eight homes I shot for agents working at Fickling just this year SOLD within 4 months! Yes professional photos WORK!

Click to see the Link to Macon Telegraph article

2) My FIRST Cover hit the streets and it was a surprise!

It's the 11th Hour Statesboro! I didn't even know "we" were going to be on this one so it's an extra bing-bang surprise. I will post the others as I get them. This is SUCH a COOL feeling!!

3) My FIRST CD Cover for an upcoming Country Music Star hit the streets!

Wow. Where DID this year go? Oh yeh, I have worked it away!!! That's a good thing though in my opinion. Everything I do is part of a strategy for other things and I love when things start coming together. I got word a that someone at the day job had the new Nick Malloy's CD in his hands. I didn't even know it had dropped yet!!! I was dying to see it and it looks even better than I'd imagined. This boy is going places and I'm so glad to have been the first one to do a CD cover for him. Not only did my first magazine cover hit stands, but now my first CD cover!

4) My SECOND Cover hit the streets- 11th Hour Macon!

Wow....it's so awesomely amazing to have the fruit of my labors actually IN my hands. The past few months have been spent really busting it to get some things done that will all be unfolded by midday tomorrow. Today, my 2nd cover, 11th Hour Macon, hit the streets and it is way better than I had even imagined! Not only the front cover, but also their new feature section called "My Favorite Things". This time the cover and feature were about my friend, Ashley Croft. I really enjoyed the opportunity given to do this cover and feature. We did 3 different days and 3 different setups and as always - it is always fun working with Ashley!

Enjoy some shots!