Monday, September 28, 2009

The Proof is in the NUMBERS!!

I decided to see just how many homes and how much amount in sales have been made with the homes I've shot and with a little research for verification, found that in just one year 18 of my homes (shot within the year) closed making almost 5.3 MILLION in sales! I am very proud of this feat in only a year. I look forward to helping make many more sales. At this time I have 3 that have gone pending in just the past week!


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New "Son" Willie the French Bulldog

INTRODUCING....our newest family member, Willie! The most wonderful little french bulldog! He's a year & a half old champion and this marks the first time I'm getting a dog strictly as a companion. I don't show like I used to anymore since the photography has taken up my time but I can't stand not being around the dogs. Willie is a wonderful little dog!! He immediately stole my heart and fits in with our family like he's been here since being a puppy. I can't thank my friend and the lady I got him from, Kathi Liebe, enough for entrusting me with this wonderful, silly, adorable, handsome, loving little clown.

5 Day Old Rylie Bass

This baby is special to me because her family is like my own and I couldn't wait to do this newborn shoot!! This little girl already has my heart and I've only know her a few days. I look forward to watching her grow up and getting to know her.

Here she is!