Sunday, July 4, 2010

Macon Food & Culture July hits the streets!

Macon Food & Culture finally hit the streets and I can look at it and say "I did that!" with a lot of the pages! This is what I'd worked on several months ago and have been so anxious to see it all come together and in print. A special trip was made to drop me off some copies and although I didn't cry in front of Gary, the editor, I sure wanted to!! I just held it and thought - WOW...I did that! As I flipped through the magazine, every few pages I saw more of my work and was thrilled with how it all looked. This all started with a chance given to me and all those that participated, well, I can't even begin to explain how thankful I am and how wonderful it's been getting to know these people. I'm not one that takes someone's photos and then disappears. For me it's a whole process....meeting someone....taking their photos....getting to know them better and forming a lasting friendship. Some of the great people involved with this are Gary Schechterle, Ashley Croft, Gabby Rose, Max Walker, Angel Soto, Nichole Mitchell and I know there are others that played a part. I look forward to more of this, with each piece of work getting better and better. Right now as I'm typing, across the room lies Macon Food and Culture and 11th Hour Macon. And it's just the beginning. The more I do, the more I WANT to do! I know there won't always be months like this or stretches of time like this...but this has been my biggest accomplishment to date and I wish my dad was here to see it.

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