Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Discover ME

I have been doing this for a while now...no not the blogging, the photography! My heart is primarily in portraits, real estate, and vehicles. I also have a passion for nature but that tends to be primarily for my own relaxation and enjoyment than anyone elses.

I want to be discovered & I want to continually improve and grow. I am ready, willing and eager to move forward and stay out of my box! It only takes that ONE person. Right now I'd love to do ads for vehicles that will appear in magazines. I have taken a LOT of vehicle photography to date but haven't even had the chance to really show what's in my brain. I tend think more dramatic and like dramatic lighting.

Just a very few samples of some done with my minimal gear....

Ok so the word is out. I want to do some magazine covers or at least do a LOT more cars. I have other loves but right now the car 'want' is what I'm going to put out there.


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