Sunday, November 8, 2009

Central GA CARES (Animal Control) ROCKS!

Every once in a while I love to find some projects where I can donate my services to help organizations. This time it has been for dog rescue organizations. 2 weeks ago I was asked by the mascot of the Macon, GA Humane Society if I'd be interested in doing photographs for a calendar they wanted to do to raise money for many much needed things the shelter. I had contacted "AC" a few weeks prior to let him know I was interested in helping out some way. I immediately let them know I would be glad to help and since I knew they needed it quick, we went ahead and set up the dates. I spent 2 days & around 5 hours with AC and quite a few people involved with the organization - Patti Jones, President of Central GA CARES, Charlotte Van Hoozen- AC's "Grammie", Beth Lange & her son Michael Lange and Anne Sawyer & her son Birch - very involved with AC's events, and Tracie Vandewalker, AC's mom, & AC himself. I came to love them all!! I had been involved with community work in the 80's with the shelter but it was quite a different place back then. The people I worked with are an amazing bunch, including the wonderful mascot, AC!!!

I was so excited to do the calendar shots but me being me...I just couldn't do 12 shots and walk away. I immediately was struck with a ton of ideas and wanted to make each month different, fun and special. We met at several places around Macon and I was allowed to "make it happen" and I am pretty pleased with the outcome.

Below are some of the shots from our sessions. I am so very honored to have had the chance to work with this bunch and look forward to doing more for them in the future. I have been humbled by the outpouring of love, compliments and thank yous from people I've never even met before. I had not realized how much my work could touch others. I makes me look forward to other projects that much more.

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