Monday, April 5, 2010

Fashion Session with Ashley Croft

On Friday I had meeting with Ashley and her friend Sara for some fun in downtown Macon. This time we'd decided to do modern fashion...I believe it's editorial fashion... I truly love doing this type photography and love working with Ashley. We can be ourselves and silly one second and straight to business the next. When I start doing photography "professionally" one goal I had was to do fashion and I have been working towards it so I was more than excited when we got to do this shoot. I love evolving and every time is more exciting than the last. Each time I go through a batch makes me that much more excited to get to the next shoot and see where it all will take me. I am packed and ready for the ride!!

Here are a few of my favs.... And by the way- Ashley & I have decided to work together to start doing "Pin Me Up" type sessions. This is where you come as you are and she does the makeup/hair and styling, then I do the photo session and she helps direct you on posing and together we just make it a fun process to show the BEST of yourself. I will be posting more information on this soon - so keep checking back or just email for information and pricing!!

And this is her friend Sara...she'd never been in front of the camera before!

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