Thursday, May 20, 2010

Pinup Awesomeness!

Sunday was seriously amazing. I can't even begin to talk about how awesome it was working with these smokin' hot girls. I ended the day coated in dirt with the dirtiest feet in the whole country! They were dirtier than walmart feet!! haha! I spent the whole day with some incredible models and a very talented makup and hair artist and I shot basically all day long. It was crazy but fun and I am more than worn out.  I loved working with these girls and look forward to more shoots but this time in a more relaxing and cooler environment....because today was HOT even though we had a tent and a fan and cooler full of drinks! The girls were Ashley Croft, Ashley Shafer, Kristen Aschermann, Skip Bowman & makeup/hair artist, the incredible Cherry Dame. The big task I have ahead is finding the right magazines to submit shots to and getting the right contacts so my (our) work gets in these magazines.

Tattoo/Hot Rod/Pinup/Retro Magazines: I want to be in and on you!

Here are some shots from the day to enjoy:

Skip Bowman

Kristin Aschermann

Ashley Croft

Ashley Shafer

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