Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Bad Girl Super Villain Shoot!

I am offering a 2 day shoot for Super Villain Bad Girls....because bad girls are HOT! This will take place April 16th and April 17th.  I am currently searching for a space to do this shot so if you are reading this and can help out- I would very much appreciate it!!  I have been in the process of looking for a good space to use for my studio and would love something downtown Macon or even a little house on Vineville Avenue where I can have a place for girls to stay over on long days.

In any case, here's the flyer for the Shoot that I'm doing with the amazing Cherry Dame.  Email NOW if you are interested because almost all of Sunday is booked and the spaces are filling fast. This is YOUR CHANCE to be a part of another something special and to work with me and Cherry Dame. It is pretty much fact that I submit to magazines and get girls published! These are going to be more REAL life photos as opposed to cartoonish.

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