Sunday, January 10, 2010

FunDay with Lori

Today I had nothing on the 'book' so I made plans to go spend a few hours with one of my BFFs. I sat up my whole 'shibang'  in her kitchen and we spent about 3 hours fiddlefinagaling around with me making her do all these poses and wearing masks and hair up, using a fan, masks off, hoods on outfits... you name it! I love doing this type thing. I think this type of shooting is rather 'fashion-like' although it tends to be a little dark, which is what I gravitate towards when not doing photos of babies or kids. Lori is such a great sport and loves being in front of the camera and has learned to take my directions - such as eye movements or head tilts. Sometimes she thinks I'm signaling her but I'm really just moving my own head!! And sometimes we get to laughing so much that we almost cry our makeup off!

In any case- here are some of my favs from the day.

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