Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Photo Visions....I has them

It seems I keep seeing blogs about people losing their inspiration or drive or vision (not sight but visions) and sometimes I will have a day here and there where my mind is completely blank. Lately however, my mind is so full that it's like I have images constantly flashing in my mind all the time! That may sound like a truly incredible thing for a photographer but in my case it really isn't. The reason it isn't is because I don't just see a girl standing there holding a flower, I see complete scenes and well, I have no idea how to build the scenes or even find the scenes! I actually roughed-sketched a few outfit ideas the other day because they were so vivid. But there again, I searched and searched but couldn't find them anywhere- which is good and bad. Good because they may not be done and bad because I can't make things like that nor do I have time! In any case, it's very frustrating when I have these scenes I want to shoot but no way to shoot them. I can't just put them on the backburner and if I try to do a makeshift shoot - it never fills the need or the vision. It has become a serious concern that I need places to shoot. Yes I need a studio but I need access to places. Downtown Macon is full of opportunity....yet how do I get it when half of it is not even open. I have used a few places a few times but I don't want to make people think I'm just 'using' them....although yes I'm using the space!

So here I sit with a head full of bright ideas. I envy the photographers that create these incredible series because they have access to the kickass models, the waredrobe, the MUAH and the space. I do have a few dates planned soon for some really cool stuff....if I can get all the pieces together...otherwise it's just going to be just the same old photo.

I sit around some days and just daydream of getting together with people to shoot. This week I had 3 dates planned and none have panned out mostly due to really crappy weather this week.

Another thing is I need to redo my website and get a custom blog but 1)I have literally no time to do it myself and 2)I need it to be cheap/free. Can't I just wiggle my nose and make it happen? Damn, just tried...didn't work. I also have GOT to get the word out about my work more. I need to reach more EXPERIENCED models and get into some fashion. Soon I'll be pushing the limits and I've already kicked the box out of the way because I'm paving my own path. Is it a good path? Am I walking it strong enough or even right? I don't know, I just do what feels right and put my whole self into it.

So this is just my little spill for the day. I am not sure if it means anything but I need to be able to really get to shooting what I want and doing more limit-pushing work. I have the ideas....I just need the rest of the stuff to make it all come together!

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