Monday, July 14, 2008

One light or 2 light wonders

With all that can be found online for the many ways to use lights and types of lights and's still amazing how much can be done with either one or 2 speedlites which is typically all I use. I have 3 but generally end up just using 2 at the most or one and a reflector.

Friday nite I met with some friends that wanted some headshots. We had a blast riding around with me yelling STOP HERE! At a few places that just screamed "I'm a backdrop!" One was a beautiful red building and then we went to the local base and stopped at two ponds/lakes. There was a storm brewing the entire time so I had to move quick each time and get things out and set up. We only made it to 3 spots when the sky literally broke loose.

Here are some of my favorites from the shoot.

On Saturday I went to see an old friend I'd not seen in a while. We thought it would be fun to get outside for a little quick shooting amidst her daughters running rampant. Geez kids are fast! I was lucky to even get these shots at all. I used one light for some shots but most were strictly sunlit. It was 90+ with 100% humidity so we couldn't stay out there long for fear of melting. After I put my equipment up, the smallest one hopped in the little wading pool - too bad I had put my camera up!

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