Monday, August 18, 2008

Ever been locked in a cemetery?

Yep you guessed it....I got locked in a cemetery this past week during a shoot! The evening started great and we went to three different locations and I wanted to end the shoot at this particular cemetery. I knew they closed at sundown but had checked the schedule and it was supposed to be right at 8:30 that night. We went through the shoot in one spot and I got some great ones... and then I was ready to get to the gate for some other scenery and damn if that gate wasn't locked! It took the police 2 hours to get someone there to let us out. I couldn't be mad about it, it was just too funny! Especially since I'd driven around in there trying to find another way to get out but the roads were made for horse and buggy- not for my little bitty low-ridin' car!

In any case, the evening produced some beautiful shots and here are a few. This is my friend Greg's Z06 Corvette.

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