Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Wednesday and still buzzing!

This week has been buzzing with excitement still in the air from the Gala this weekend. What an event! I look forward to doing more events and meeting more people. It came to my attention this weekend, that the majority of people do not know what to think when they meet me because I am soooo not your normal photographer! I am not going to put you in the traditional poses, I'm not going to speak to you like I'm not interested in you, there's no "1, 2, 3, CHEESE!"....I'm going to want to know you and I want to capture your personality and show the world the greatness in you. I'm going to try to put you in a fun pose and probably make you laugh. There's no stiffness and you can forget about not being photogenic because I'm going to change that too.

In any case, I am currently working on making an actual real website. As much of a website person that I am and can build anything, doing this stuff with the photos requires more space and time and may result in me using a template for much easier upload and upkeep.

I currently have a lot going on but not near enough. I'd prefer to be busy every day but this week has been slow. I do have some car shoots and possible event shoots coming up as well as a band shoot that I'm very much looking forward to. I always have the Real Estate shoots from time to time and would like for those to be what keeps me busy during the week. I hope that enough comes along to afford me the ability to get better and more gear as well as pay off some debts that are dragging me down. Actually, I don't hope it will happen- I "know" it will happen because I'm keeping a positive frame of mind.

Here are some of the shots from the event this weekend. I posted them elsewhere where you can go look but I think some need to be here too.

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