Sunday, August 3, 2008

Exciting 05 Vette Shoot

Friday nite I got together with some friends for some fun times that consisted of dinner, a photoshoot, riding around a park and playing in a cemetery topped off with some ice cream! Boy what a nite! Me and the girls had a blast.

One of my best friends, Lori, just got a new '05 Vette for her birthday so as my gift to her I did the shoot. I had shot some cars before but had been dying to do a formal real shoot and this was everything I hoped for. I look forward to doing more because now I have more ideas and look forward to finding new places to get into trouble!

For most all of these I used my 3 amigos (3 speedlites) on stands and also some reflectors. You'll see I used a gel for a shot too. I did not break out the softbox because there were creepy men around where we were the first time and I wanted to be able to grab my crap and run if needed!

Here are some of the photos- enjoy and please comment!

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