Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Wrap Up for 2009

Weeeeeeeee!! That pretty much is the jist for how 2009 has been....one helluva ride!!

I started to write a huge essay on the year's progress but thought summary form would be easier and shorter to follow:
January- Sold my beloved '87 IROC-Z
February - Paid off majority of debts and started doing more bookings.Traveled to Rosemary Beach for a weekend of beauty and photowalking
March- Put deposit down for '10 SS Camaro and had a birthday. More bookings!
April- My sweet 'heart dog' Vinnie had to be put down...apparent brain tumor. We are still heartbroken but are so very thankful for every second we were blessed with him. He was the smartest, most human-like dog I've ever had and I've had a LOT.
May- More bookings! Visited the Atlanta Zoo & Aquarium.
June- Got my '10 SS Camaro!!!!! And traveled to Saint Simons
July- Not sure what happened in July other than photography :-)
August- More photography!
September- Met a wonderful new friend that brought me my darling sweet Willie!!
October- offered to help AC and coordinated with Central GA CARES to create a beautiful 2010 "A Year with AC" Calendar to help raise money for the shelter! I had a wonderful October of meeting people, finding old friends and working with a wonderful worthy organization. Also - got in touch with my dad's side of the family and connected with some amazing family members!! I also finally visited Cumberland Island & Okefenokee! In addtion, I did photos for a friend's fundraiser and all the proceeds were donated to her daughter's (battling brain cancer)  fund. I also wrapped up the month with doing yet another fundraiser for Georgia Canine Rescue & Rehab where again, all the proceeds from the photos went to their organization.
November- This was another busy month- a whirlwind of gorgeous photos and fabulous people! The AC Calendar I made hit the streets and sold out in just a few days!
December- Christmas and the end of a busy, exciting, fun-filled year!

I am SO ready to BURST into 2010. My mind is bursting with ideas and I'm ready to not only continue to grow as a photographer but also continue to be a better person. I look forward to helping out the community with other projects, doing more travel adventures and creating even more gorgeous photos.

Thank you SO much to everyone that gave me their time and trusted me to capture beautiful shots for them. I feel so blessed to have found all the relatives and friends from the past and connected with new ones.


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