Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Attempt at Motivational Spill....

 Don't see this photo, FEEL it!

I am always astounded by how short of a time we have in this life and how you never know when someone is going to die. My dad left this life at just 54 and it boggles my mind how many often I hear of men between mid 40's to mid 50's dying out of the blue. It gets me to thinking.....well, everything makes me think, it's my curse and it's why I do photography and why I started with graphic design.....

I believe we all come into each other's lives for "a reason, a season or for life" and up to US to make the most of our time while we are here. Once you realize this and keep it in mind- you will view meeting/knowing people a whole new way. You never know when someone is going to come into your life that is going to give you the support, or the wisdom, or impart the knowledge on you that will be needed another day and it's important to pay attention to it. I want to make a good impact on others lives....I want to show people they have it in them to be a better person....I want "YOU" to realize that if you stop believing you can't, and instead believe that YOU CAN.....that it will happen. You may read this and think "She's full of crap, that never happens for me"....well, then you are right....because you believe it. I am living proof that changing your way of thinking CAN make a difference. I spent the 1st half of my life wanting to do things but always saying there was no way I could....so there wasn't. I certainly don't have everything going for me...I don't have a nice house, I don't have kids, my bills aren't all paid, I struggle every month and I don't go through life like it's a party. LIFE.IS.HARD. I work some days around 24 hrs just being sure things are done but can look around the tiny home I live in and nothing is done there. I want to help everyone and make everyone happy but I know I can only do it one person at a time. I especially like working with teens and it's why I do the Teen days (Casting Calls) because kids need help with confidence more than ever these days. I know because I Lived It. School was terrible and I literally have the physical scars to prove it.

I know some people see all my photo posts and may be sick of them and there are others that are always commenting and complimenting. I may like "my stuff" but there's nothing like hearing someone else liked it too or "Got it". Some folks do lots of light photos and I tend to do darker or use creative lighting. Some people have asked why I do that and it's because I'm trying to convey an emotion to the reader. I love to hear people say I'm talented because I don't say that of myself and although I may think I made something pretty, I'm my harshest critic and always want to do better. I just use the camera to capture the vision I have of whatever I am looking at. I love when people get it and just like with any artist, I hate when someone says "You camera did a good job".... I want to say, "Your fork made a good dinner".

Look at this photo

What do you see? Do you just see a flower? If so, look again.... it's dark, it's shiny, it's romantic, softly lit, it's singular and it's facing away rather coy, but you can see all of it's beauty....

Look at this one

Do you just see a withering tulip? Look again.... it's bright, soft, it's lit by the sun and you can see something inside but aren't sure what...there are some focused petals and out of focus....and it's all on purpose.

What will your obit say if you died today? We don't want to think about it but face it, we are born to die. I realized one nite a few years ago that mine wouldn't say much and although I didn't know what I wanted it to say, I knew I didn't want it to say nothing.

  • Enjoy your loved ones.
  • Love your friends and don't have enemies.
  • Stop and look at your surroundings instead of with blinders on.
  • Work at your day job but also play.
  • It's ok to let your guard down because there are people that care about what you have to say.

And then.........Go out and have a good day...because I said so!!

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