Friday, February 26, 2010

I love Natural & Creative Lighting!

Sometimes the agents I work with at my day job, ask me to do new headshots for their advertising and cards. I always enjoy this little bit of time of with them that's usually spent joking around, telling them to do things and sit places where they have no clue what I have in mind. The best part is when they see the shots and really like them. My subject below, is a naturally adorable girl with stunning eyes. I love what she wore and couldn't help but do a normal edit and one that was rather vintage to match her outfit.

These were done in natural light

As for Creative Lighting, I love finding kids to do the teen shoots with, because they really don't understand how beautiful or handsome they are.  I know because I HATED being a teen. Teens are quick to take pictures of themselves with their p&s but seem intimidated to have them done "professionally". I believe that's because they don't understand what is involved and that it is nothing like what they will see with their little cameras. Being a teen was TERRIBLE. I can't imagine how awesome it would have been to have gotten the chance to take part in some fun real photoshoots and show the world that I was more than what THEY (the mean kids) said I was. Here are 2 exceptional girls. The gorgeous young redhead is MaryHelen and the beautiful, rather sultry girl with the wild hair is Rachel. MaryHelen's mother did the hair for both girls and her co-worker did the finished look for MaryHelen. Our friend Angela did their makeup which really brought it all together.

The teen shoot was done downtown during the day with some creative lighting.

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