Tuesday, December 28, 2010

10 Things I Learned in 2010

This year has been slam jam BAM packed full!!! The only slow time I ever have is the end of December and the beginning of January and frankly, I LOVE it. I have been reading over some of my favorite photographer blogs and see a lot are asking themselves what they learned so I thought it would be perfect to do this myself.

10 Things I learned in 2010:

1)I learned that you never know which person will lead you to the next great opportunity. It came to light really early in the year that I needed to learn how to plan ahead and to always think and see a few steps ahead. The person I may be working with for free this week may cause a chain reaction to bring 10 times as many paid clients.

2)I learned that it never hurts to just ask. The majority of the time I spend looking for venues and it is never as easy as it looks. Sometimes places don't pull through or they will just simply tell me no. I used to hate to hear no but now for all the no's I get , there will always been the EPIC yes's!!

3)I learned Girl Power Rules. Not just because I'm a girl, because a good photographer is good regardless of if they are a male or female. It's because I used to hate the pretty girl and then realized we are all the same. We all need to be made to feel pretty and sticking together gets us ALL farther than going it alone. I have earned more girlfriends this year than I have had my entire life and I love every one of them.

4)I learned that it's ok to lean on others. I am so very independent no matter how much I hate it. I think I have to prove myself and that I must do it all myself, because....well, because I can! I realized it's ok to delegate and let people help and get people involved and in the end it's all much more pleasurable and much less stressful.

5)I learned to trust my instincts. This one is self explanatory. I have spent too much of my life second guessing and re-making decisions but in the end it always comes back to what I first thought was right.

6) I learned it's ok to not please everyone. Not everyone wants to pay, not everyone wants to play. I photographed a lot of people but no matter what I like, someone is not going to be happy with THEMSELVES and it's no reflection on me, it's all about THEM. I know I can't capture people the way they see themselves so I always make it a point to tell people that I will do my best to show them how I see them and not how anyone else has ever portrayed them.

7)I learned that nobody is going to promote me better than or other than myself. Well.... unless I'm willing to pay and right now, I'm just not able to! Nobody is going to know about me unless I tell them.

8)I learned that most opportunities should be taken. Because you never know where it will lead and one door opened can lead to 20 more.

9)I learned that people still don't know what I do. And that's just weird, because I post ALL the time and have done a LOT of work! However, people still think I may show up with a point and shoot and can't believe what all I do in a single session. That all has to change because I need for people to know me and know of me in order to help with my success.

10)I learned how to TEACH girls how to model. 9 out of 10 people that work with me literally will come and just stand in front me. They say they have modeled but it is very clear that they have not only never been instructed but may have never worked with someone like me that is going to get to know you and interact with you. I have a lot left to learn but it's important people know that I will be instructing you and won't leave you standing like a mannequin!

There are definitely more things I learned -a LOT more, but these just seemed to be the first to spew out!

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