Friday, December 17, 2010

Blogging and Schuffs

At the end of the year, it will be the end of Project 365 which has been more like Project 325. In any case, I need to decide what to do with my blog and where to put it. I need help! I need one address for my blog and I guess I will re-direct everyone over to this one and start keeping it going ONLY. I will keep the website as backup for just photos but the blog is ALWAYS where people need to go for information and news. Although Facebook is the most up to date and EVERYONE needs to connect to me there. If anyone has some free/cheap suggestions/help to get this blog updated as a photo blog and much more stylish...please HELP. I will do a photoshoot for anyone local that can assist! I seriously realize I don't have time to do it all and that it is ok to let someone else help. That's a good thing right? I'm sure it is!

On another subject - I'm going to copy/paste my last blog entry from Wordpress.


I continue to dream too big for what's available. I desperately need sets or a place to put sets and help with sets. I can't even express the frustration of having a fantastic model over and only being able to shoot on seamless. Yes we still get great stuff but it's nothing like having cool couches and backgrounds and props. I just don't have a way! Locations continue to be just out of reach. I know they are there but I can't get them. I make callouts for warehouses and cool homes but nothing. I always offer to do photos for whomever is letting us use the location but maybe that's not enough. My budget doesn't allow to pay places for use and I can't fathom charging more for such a service when girls are struggling to pay as it is. So to anyone in the Central GA and even Atl- I am always looking for good locations to shoot in! It will be very non-invasive. Probably just me and the girl for maybe 2 hours and of course you can hang out with us! I have thought extensively about how to build onto what we have at home but there is no sense in it when I need to be in town and when Jimmy plans to build an actual stick-built house there one day. I WILL have a large room for photography though. Bet on that. Otherwise my big dreams of having a nice little studio in Macon are still holding strong. There are good and bad things about having a studio but not having access to something or having one is much more of a struggle. I don't want to be tied down yet need the firm point of contact. 2011 is going to be bigger than this year has been. I have much bigger plans, visions, and goals. Magazines, I want to be on and in you. But I always want to continue shooting with families and kids and of course pets. I need to grow this to an everyday job and one will happen.

A fellow photog friend mentioned that I need to start doing commercial work and that's exactly what I intend to do. Actually, when I speak of magazines, it's commercial work that I'm speaking of. Let's WORK!

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